Jusha Medical debuted at the Dental World

2019-10-29 09:01

In the golden autumn full of osmanthus fragrance, Budapest, known as the “European Star”, is greeting a harvest season. On October 10-12, 2019, Jusha Medical successfully made its debut here at the 19th Dental World in Hungary. Started in 2001, the annual Dentalworld in Hungary has been successfully held for 18 sessions, becoming one of the largest professional dentistry exhibitions in Central and Eastern Europe. It has gradually enriched its contents, and constantly increased professional courses and certification meetings. The exhibits that appear at the Dental World each year are newly developed high-tech dental equipment and instruments on the international market, which have demonstrated the first-class dental products in the dental trade market in Central Europe and even in the world as well as the latest developments in the global dental market.

As the only professional medical display exhibitor at the Dental World, Jusha Medical highlighted the 24-inch diagnostic screen specially designed for dental X-ray and dental CT and the 2M diagnostic screen for high-end dental equipment. With high product quality and excellent display effect, they have attracted great attention from many visitors.

Since its entry into the international market in 2014, Jusha Medical has been sold to 69 countries and regions, becoming one of the leading medical display suppliers in the field of radiology. Jusha Medical takes this Dental World as the forward-looking deployment to create more brilliance for Jusha display in the field of dentistry.


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