JUSHA Attends the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) 2019 Conference

2019-10-31 11:01

The temperature drops sharply as Liverpool has been drizzling since the very first day of October, However, within the exhibition hall, numerous practitioners from the medical and health care industry are not less enthusiastic toward the Royal College of Radiologists Conference which gathered them on that date of October 14th.

RCR is aimed to unify, guide, and help doctors of clinical oncology and clinical radiology, and students under training or at schools. It is the most professional annual conference in the British radiology. JUSHA as the only sponsor that comes from China has drawn much attention from radiologists and practitioners of the art.

The latest model of JUSHA in display, the professional medical monitor C630G, featured with integrated dual screen, 16-bit grayscale, colour/graphics adapter(CGA) , rapid brightness improvement, human body induction, ambient light induction, and prepositioning temperature correction, which has integrated some many advanced and practical technologies to one machine has won the unanimous recognition from the visiting experts. October is the British women's health care month, and one of the exhibits of JUSHA, M55G, is an advanced machine designed for breast imaging diagnosis which will help the breast cancer imaging diagnosis and examination.

Through participating in such a national radiologist conference, JUSHA has not only won attention and support from the country’s radiologists, but also got professional comments, which is crucial to the marketing in England and even the Continent of Europe.


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