One Heart and Mind - Jusha Employees Fighting Against the Epidemic

2020-02-06 17:50

The unpredictable epidemic and the unprecedented Geng Zi spring festival phenomenon of early 2020 has turned our gatherings with friends and relatives into online greetings and the once heavy traffic into only twos or threes on the street. However, the outbreak of the epidemic does not only cause anxiety and tension among us, but warmness offered by the most beautiful “epidemic fighting warriors”.

Jusha employees, devoted to bringing more convenience to doctors for saving lives, have always had faith in winning this battle, with one heart and mind, and under the strong leadership of the central party led by comrade Xi Jinping, Jusha has fully carried out joint preventive and control measures at the first place to together form an impermeable defensive line against the epidemic.

At the first time the epidemic broke out, Jusha Medical established an emergency team which so far till the eighth day of the Chinese New Year has called 11 emergent meetings via OA, WeChat, or phones to instruct and guide its employees and the employees’ families on time to help them understand the epidemic correctly and strengthen their awareness and ability to protect themselves and spread the scientific methods to keep away coronavirus.

“Jusha Employees” keep their spirits up to react at any time and be brave. Following the Party’s Jusha branch and the Party members, they are working overtime to ensure the production and supply of necessary diagnostic facilities. A total of 28 sets of Jusha medical high-resolution professional display systems worth 1.2 million have been donated to hospitals.

The epidemic requires us to take preventive and controlling methods as our responsibility. All Jusha’s national offices in England, India, Dubai, and other countries have been searching for all available protective supplies such as masks, thermometers, and protective clothing in each drugstore. When the spring holidays are postponed and the transportation of relief supplies is pressing, Jusha tries to coordinate each link in logistic and uses manpower to transport goods and delivers them to China at the fastest speed. Once they arrive in China, no time is wasted in transporting them to front-line institutions such as the Nanjing designated hospitals for admitting novel coronavirus infected patients, Nanjing development and reform commission, Nanjing public security bureau, Nanjing federation of industry and commerce, Nanjing Gulou district government, Nanjing Jianye district government, Nanjing Gulou district market supervision and administration, bureau of industry and information technology, CPPCC, high-tech zone, and streets.

Dark clouds can’t shadow the rising sun and the epidemic can’t stop the upcoming spring. “Jusha Employees” stand closely to the central party led by general secretary Xi Jinping, uphold the value of fighting for the mankind health care, assume the duties and missions endowed by the time, with one heart and mind, regardless of hardship and price and returns, contributing “Jusha” share to the victory in the battle of fighting against the novel coronavirus infected pneumonia epidemic!

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